Vente: 533 / Modern Art Day Sale and Gerlinger Collection 10 décembre 2022 à Munich Lot 501


Erich Heckel
Frauen im Wald, 1922.
Oil on canvas
Estimation: € 70,000 / $ 69,300
Frauen im Wald. 1922.
Oil on canvas.
Hüneke 1922-3. Vogt 1922/3. Signed and dated in lower right. Signed and dated on the reverse of the canvas, as well as signed, dated and titled on the stretcher. 80 x 70 cm (31.4 x 27.5 in).

• Light-flooded depiction in soothing colors.
• Heckel adds unique tenderness and grace to both the figures and the landscape.
• Man and nature
– the characteristic "Brücke“ motif in a later, particularly atmopsheric composition.

PROVENANCE: From the artist's estate, Hemmenhofen.
Galerie Großhennig, Düsseldorf (1966).
Private collection Rhineland.
Private collection Northern Germany (inherited from the above).

EXHIBITION: Erich Heckel, Städtisches Museum, Königsberg, February 12 - March 18, 1928, cat. no. 17.
Erich Heckel, Galerie Wilhelm Großhennig, Düsseldorf, June-September 1967, p. 9.
Deutsche und französische Kunstwerke des 20. Jahrhunderts, Galerie Wilhelm Großhennig, Düsseldorf, November 10, 1970 - February 15, 1971, p. 33.
Erich Heckel, Galerie Wilhelm Großhennig, Düsseldorf, February 8 - March 13, 1971, p. 37.
Erich Heckel, Galerie Wilhelm Großhennig, Düsseldorf, November 1, 1972 - January 31, 1973, p. 12.

Called up: December 10, 2022 - ca. 18.44 h +/- 20 min.

At the beginning of the 1920s, many of Erich Heckel's paintings were characterized by a delicacy with which they clearly differ from the works of earlier creative phases. The artist had moved beyond the two-dimensional, strongly contoured style of the "Brücke" years, which gained its great expressiveness particularly through the intense use of color. In the 1922 painting "Women in the Forest", light and warmth seem to have an extraordinary presence. The three nude figures in the foreground, modeled in fine color gradations, have retreated into the shadows of the trees. Their graceful, introverted postures make a great contribution to the remarkable atmosphere of the landscape scene. Behind the figures, the view opens onto a hill in glistening sunlight. Its radiance seems to bathe the surroundings in brightness. The rows of shady trees on the sides, in contrast to the background, give the impression of a calm seclusion. For Erich Heckel, this is one of the central pictorial themes of his artistic career. Not only during the years of the artist group "Brücke", but over many decades therefater, he was preoccupied with man in nature like hardly any other artist. The present painting is one of the few plein-air nude scenes that he did not explicitly identify as a bathing scene. Shown on a meadow with tall grass, the artist does not indicate the location of the figures, echoing a pictorial idea inspired by mythological motifs. Place and time are not the leitmotifs of his depiction. Rather, the atmosphere with its unique lighting mood and the dignified presentation of the nudes are in the foreground. [AM]


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